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The Sanderson Band has a long history of excellence, dating back to the school's opening in 1968. Currently, the Sanderson Band program consists of the Marching Spartans, Wind Ensemble, Concert Band, and various other small ensembles, as well as annual performances with the Sanderson Theater Department in the spring musical. The band has performed extensively across North Carolina and the Southeastern United States in both marching band competitions and concert band festivals. Each year many Sanderson Band students are selected for All-District, All-State, and Governor's School, and many alumni are pursuing music degrees at some of the country's finest universities.

Thank you for taking time to learn about the Sanderson High School Band. We hope to see you at one of our many performances throughout the year!

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Pit & Props for Football Game on October 19th

After the halftime performance at the football game on Friday, October 19th, marching band seniors and their parents will be recognized in a brief ceremony.  It would be great to have enough freshman, sophomore, and junior parents volunteer to help with the pit and props so that the senior parents can watch the performance and be in place for the recognition ceremony.  If you are a senior parent and currently signed up to volunteer, please remove your name from the sign-up and allow others to take your place.  Props/Pit Signup  Many thanks to all of you who have helped with the pit and props so far this year.  Questions?  Contact John Carter, SHS Band Boosters Coordinator (props_pit_truck@sandersonband.com)

EXPO Candy Grams

Everyone loves sending & receiving Candy Grams during EXPO!!  We're asking each member of band and color guard to contribute 3 lbs of candy (or more!).  Donate wrapped Halloween-style candy, ideally 1/3 each of the “Three Cs”: Chocolate (Reese’s, Twix, Kit-Kat, Snickers, Hershey’s, etc.), Chewy (Skittles, Gummies, Starburst, Dots, Twizzlers, etc.), and Crunchy (Tootsie/blow pop, lollipop, hard candies, etc.), so each Candy Gram can be filled with a tempting assortment.  EXPO patrons always compliment the quality of our Candy Grams, thanks to your generosity!  Drop off candy in the donation box in Mr. Flowers’ office from now until October 19th and then join us for the Candy Gram “bagging in the bleachers” event at the next SHS home football game.

Grocery Cards Available to Purchase

The "Grocery Cards Gal" plans to attend all competitions and home games.  If you'd like to purchase gift cards, please text Crystal ahead of time (919-607-5627) or email her with the amount and store name.  She will give you the cards in exchange for a check payable to SHS Band Boosters.  A percentage of the amount purchased is applied to your child's fair share account.  Gift card options: Food Lion, Lowe's Foods, Target, Panera, Lowe's Home Improvement, and Taco Bell.  Questions?  Contact Crystal Johnson, SHS Band Boosters Grocery Cards Coordinator (grocerycards@sandersonband.com) 

Future's Night for 7th & 8th Graders - Friday, November 2nd

We know transition to high school can be intimidating, so we want to welcome any current 7th & 8th graders who are interested in band, to come to our event on Friday (11/2) and check it out!  We'd love to see you in a Marching Spartan uniform next fall!  Check out the Future's Night Flyer for all the details!

Letterman's Jacket

Many Junior & Senior marching band members have earned their letter but haven’t taken the next step in purchasing a jacket.  Select the link to the order form from Neff for an alternate jacket for those letters.  If you would like one of these jackets, you can return the form and payment to Amy Wilson or drop it in the envelope on Mr. Flowers door.  Due Date: Tuesday, October 23rd.  If you prefer to purchase the more traditional letterman’s jacket you can do that with Johnson-Lambe in Raleigh, NC at 919-832-8848.

Chaperones Needed for Competition Saturdays!

We need volunteers to come help on competition days.  Volunteers can sign up for 1st shift earlier in the day at Sanderson for the rehearsal (and/or) for the 2nd shift for attending the competition - bus travel and assisting at the event with any minor medical or costume needs.  Check out the Sign-Up Genius Competition Dates; we cannot conduct these events without Adult Supervision. Questions? Contact Paula Olson, SHS Band Chaperone Coordinator (chaperones@sandersonband.com)

Volunteers for Pit, Props & Podium

We're looking for volunteers to help move and set up the Pit, Props & Podium for Football Games & Competitions. We're still working out the details for handling the new props.  Check out the Sign Up Genius to volunteer; these performances will not happen without your help! Props/Pit/Podium Signup Questions? Contact John Carter, SHS Band Boosters Coordinator (props_pit_truck@sandersonband.com)

Football Games - Bleacher Crew Volunteers

Football season is here! We need your help before and after each game to get the bleachers covered and provide water for our band students. Check out the Sign Up Genius to see if you can help out at one of the games (Bleacher Crew) Questions? Contact Julia Cooper, SHS Band Committee Chair (bleachers@sandersonband.com)

Chaperones for After School Rehearsals

We need volunteers to come help with rehearsals that are scheduled once school starts. Volunteers will help with water, snacks, and minor medical needs. Check out the Sign-Up Genius to see if you can take a shift for one of the After school rehearsal dates; we cannot conduct rehearsals without Adult Supervision. Questions? Contact Paula Olson, SHS Band Chaperone Coordinator (chaperones@sandersonband.com)