Visit the links to the right of this to learn more about the various fundraising programs the Sanderson Band offers. Also, visit the fair share page to learn more about how the money will be spread out.

The Scrip Program offers a way for students to raise money by purchasing gift cards.
There are many fundraising opportunities at Walnut Creek Amphitheater. Check them out here!
Selling GoPlaySave coupon books is a great way to raise money for fair share.
The fruit and flower sale is a popular event in the fall that helps students raise money.
Grocery store cards offer a way to raise money while shopping for the family.
This fall, students can volunteer at NCSU football games to earn funds for band.
Selling soups is a great way to earn money!
Buy PDQ and Goodberry's gift cards for family and friends and a percentage of the proceeds contribute towards the Sanderson Band.