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About Us

What is the Sanderson High School Band Program?

Good Friends, Teamwork, Travel, Leadership, Fun, Excellence, Dedication, Experience Commitment, Reward

The SHS Band Program is a mix of classroom instruction and extracurricular activity. It includes Wind Ensemble, Concert Band, Marching Band, and small ensembles.

Wind Ensemble

Sanderson’s Wind Ensemble is an audition only class, featuring selected instrumentalists. As a serious music student, you will explore the art of music, from the classical "standards" to pieces by contemporary composers, and you will learn advanced techniques and musical concepts. The Wind Ensemble usually attends at least one judged festival during the year and is the featured performance group at many school functions.

Concert Band

The Concert band is for students with general musical experience and studies lighter selections. You will advance in individual technique and grow in musical experience in preparation for more in depth study.

Marching Band

Marching Band is a unique group of high school musicians and Colorguard dedicated to hard work, excellence and the performance of the best musical and visual half-time and parade show possible.

website15.jpgThe Marching Band merges music with movement and visual effect on the football fields each fall in shows and competitions. In May, you will get music to practice for the next season. In July, you attend Band Camp for one week to learn the show, giving you a chance to meet new friends before school starts in the fall. Learning the music and field routines is hard work, but the band always makes time for fun.

During the season the Marching Band performs at home football games, pep rallies, competitions and parades.